About Us

Optimal Aviation (OA) is the first cognitive training program of its kind, developed specifically for pilots, by a neuropsychologist with flying experience. It is made up of its founder, John Milanovich PhD, OA Coaches, proprietary programs developed by research scientists from around the globe, and you, the pilot. OA strives to be the most up-to-date, effective, efficient brain fitness program for aviators in the world, remaining on the cutting edge of aviation, learning, cognitive training, and neuroscience each and every day. It is our passion to enhance pilot performance and safety from the Inside Out – strengthening the very “muscle” of aviation most important to success – the human brain.

A note from our founder: “Ever since I was a child, outer space to me has represented the primary mystery of the physical universe. As a young adult, I saw the human brain as reflecting yet another great mystery – the human mind. How thankful I am to be combining these two great mysteries into one discipline. My joy and gratitude is entirely given back to GOD, the Creator, as well as the students I worked with over the decades, my colleagues, and the pilots who persevere in their training and profession – aiding us in further discovering the gift of flight and the mysteries of both the Human Person and the Universe.”

– John Milanovich PhD

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