OA Training is completed by pilots to strengthen their underlying capacity for flying, from the Inside Out.

Your brain is your most important muscle as a pilot.

Optimal Aviation (OA) is a brain fitness program specifically designed for pilots, using the most efficient and effective exercises known. We help you strengthen the specific brain “muscles” most important to flight performance and safety, taking the guesswork out on how to do it right.

OA uses scientifically-based, tried and true computer training methods that actually work. And our training can be completed virtually anywhere in the world, anytime of the day.

Increase your concentration, feel more alert, manage more incoming and outgoing information in the cockpit, and sharpen your mind.

See how increasing your brain power leads to increased mental sharpness and capabilities.

Our cognitive training program is designed to be used virtually anywhere and at any time. Your OA Training is computer-based, which is the most effective way to strengthen your brain’s neurological hardware.

We are pleased to offer pilots and aspiring pilots of any age or stage a brain fitness program tailored just for you.

We have combined exceptional scientific studies in the fields of Aerospace Medicine, Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Brain Fitness, Learning, and Aviation Physiology. We’ve combed through the research to narrow down what works and what does not.

We strive to assist pilots in all types of aerospace environments reach new heights (and planets) by strengthening parts of their brain most critical to on-the-job performance and safety.


While the exciting field of Aerospace Neuroscience is relatively young, an explosion of information in the physical sciences, human factors research, and neuroscience has occurred over the past twenty years. As much as any time before, we have the chance to explore and further discover the mysteries behind Outer Space and the Human Mind.

Optimal Aviation endeavors to be a reliable part of this new field by developing practical, effective programs that strive to efficiently strengthen the Neurological Hardware of the Human Person. As we place more demands on our pilots, as we go deeper into space, optimizing the brain power of those piloting aircraft becomes of greater importance than perhaps ever before.

And, more than ever before we are able to assist those who have experienced Strokes (TIA’s/CVA’s), Head Injuries (TBI/Concussion), Alcoholism or Substance Abuse, and the neurocognitive changes that are present in the Normal Aging Process.


OA Training has the potential to increase safety at all levels. Our expertise in Aviation, Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Behavioral Medicine can lead to safer skies through better flying by pilots who are simply more neurologically fit. And as you may have heard, the brain is the most important muscle for a pilot. Safety starts with a wide-range of checks and balances, regulations, and managers, to name a few. It requires tremendous effort and resources. Safety ends, however, with each and every pilot. Our brain fitness program is tailored-made to aviators so that their efforts lead to real results that could translate into improved flight performance and safety. Call to learn more about structured, online programs that could strengthen the neurological hardwarde of your entire fleet.


Aviation brings so much and so many together. In our commitment to young people and students, who make up the next generation of aviators, we desire to establish Aviation STEM curricula in our schools that also incorporate Human Factors and Medicine. The interest that flying still brings to young people is significant. Let’s use this interest to help them explore Physics, Engineering, Information Technology, Computer sciences, Biology, Psychology, Medicine, and much more. In addition to implementing aviation curricula, we hope to one day raise the funds to build a fully functional aircraft in our community, with High School students. Now that’s Hands-On learning.

Older Pilots

One of our strongest areas is helping older pilots with tons of experience gain some, or a lot, of their mental sharpness back. This could extend careers, and it is one of the most exciting aspects of OA Training. Perhaps best of all, you will mostly likely see, as so many before you have, that just 5-weeks of training leads to years of improvement.

Student Pilots

We have a special place in our hearts for students. Our founder, John Milanovich PhD, has helped them for decades. Each individual has a unique learning profile, with some real strengths, as well as weaknesses. Our unique, targeted training program can help student pilots improve concentration, short-term memory, time-management, and multi-tasking capacities, often in just 5-weeks of training. And if you ever been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or LD OA Training could help you in the cockpit as well as the classroom.

About Us

Optimal Aviation (OA) is the first cognitive training program of its kind, developed specifically for pilots, by a neuropsychologist with flying experience. It is made up of its founder, John Milanovich PhD, OA Coaches, proprietary programs developed by research scientists from around the globe, and you, the pilot. OA strives to be the most up-to-date, effective, efficient brain fitness program for aviators in the world, remaining on the cutting edge of aviation, learning, cognitive training, and neuroscience each and every day. It is our passion to enhance pilot performance and safety from the Inside Out – strengthening the very “muscle” of aviation most important to success – the human brain.

A note from our founder: “Ever since I was a child, outer space to me has represented the primary mystery of the physical universe. As a young adult, I saw the human brain as reflecting yet another great mystery – the human mind. How thankful I am to be combining these two great mysteries into one discipline. My joy and gratitude is entirely given back to GOD, the Creator, as well as the students I worked with over the decades, my colleagues, and the pilots who persevere in their training and profession – aiding us in further discovering the gift of flight and the mysteries of both the Human Person and the Universe.”

– John Milanovich PhD

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