OA Training is completed by pilots to strengthen their underlying capacity for flying, from the Inside Out.

That is, we strengthen the brain areas most involved in flight performance, and especially flight safety.  We do not teach pilots how to fly or teach aviation skills. We do, however, provide a means by which pilots can strengthen the underlying neurological hardware known to be most critical to piloting aircraft. Basically, we strengthen your abilities so that your skills are easier to learn and maintain. Stronger Brain = Better Flying, right?

With OA, you can strengthen your brain for upcoming checkrides¸ transition, upgrades, and tests. Management inside and outside the cockpit could be better than ever before. You might even find daily time-management and multi-tasking is easier. Below are just some of the ways OA Training could help you or your fleet.

CHECKRIDES – One of the most stressful aspects of aviation, at any level of training or experience, is the checkride. The amount of information to be memorized outside of the cockpit, the procedures and decisions a pilot must make in the cockpit, and your overall performance affects your livelihood. From GA’s to Professional Pilots, OA Training can help you pass your checkrides like never before.

PEAK Performance – Whether you are an airline captain, new student, or preparing for manned space flight, OA Training strengthens the parts of the brain most critical to flight performance and safety. In just 5 weeks, enjoy the benefits of increased neurological processing for years to come.

Neurocognitive Testing – Pilots are at times required by the FAA to complete Neurocognitive, Neuropsychological, and/or CogScreen-AE testing as part of their medical certificate requirements, or in their hiring with commercial employers. OA Training uses non-pharmacological means to strengthen brain areas most important to the FAA and your Examiner. Get started on OA training today,  to strengthen the most important muscle involved in flying – your brain.

RECOVERY – Cognitive training has been recommended to pilots and others after experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs, head injury or concussion, stroke, and other problems pilots sometimes acquire. And for good reason. It can quicken recovery and lead to better overall performance when used at the right time. Step into OA’s Neurological Weightroom for perhaps the most effective training ever developed.

Program-Wide Safety

Strengthen the Neurological Hardware of Your Entire Fleet

We spend so much time on updating and maintaining aircraft, now it’s time to update the pilot. In just 5-weeks of OA Training, completed most anywhere at anytime, pilots could upgrade the parts of their brain most important to flight performance and safety.

OA’s targeted brain exercises are the most efficient in the world. In addition to investing in your aircraft fleet and company operations, you can now invest in the person flying your aircraft like never before.

Contact OA, and strengthen the neurological hardware of your entire fleet today.

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Older Pilots


It’s a hard, cold fact that as we age certain processes of the brain slow down and show the wear and tear of getting older, much like our bodies. Neurologically-speaking, this affects our mental sharpness.

The good news is, as an older pilot you likely have more knowledge and experience than most.

At OA, we strive to strengthen and reinvigorate the brain areas most associated with flying, especially safe flying, giving you the mental sharpness you had when you were younger, while maintaining the knowledge and skills of your veteran pilot self.

And perhaps best of all, you will mostly likely see, as so many before you have, that just 5-weeks of training leads to years of improvement. Non-aviation benefits are very common as well.

Take all the guesswork out of cognitive training and your own brain health. Contact OA today!

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Struggling Students


We have a special place in our hearts for struggling students. Our founder, Dr. John Milanovich, has helped students with a wide-range of abilities and challenges for decades.

Each struggling student has a unique learning profile, with some real strengths, as well as some challenging weaknesses. Sometimes even our emotions or motivations get in the way. Other times, it’s tough to find the motivation to persevere.

At Optimal Aviation, we use our decades of experience to help struggling students overcome the obstacles they have been facing in reaching their dreams of becoming a pilot.

Our unique, targeted training program will strive to strengthen the brain processes most important in learning how to fly. Many students will find that this helps them pass the written, oral, and practical tests that are required to become a pilot. Best of all, you will likely improve your concentration, short-term memory, time-management, and multi-tasking capacities, in just 5-weeks of training. Remember, our training is completed virtually anywhere in the world at anytime of the day or night, using just a computer or iPad (other tablets may be used as well).

OA Training does not cure learning disabilities or attention deficit disorders, but it can help improve your brain functioning so that you may overcome the obstacles that you face.

As a struggling student, take heart. You just took a big step into potentially reaching your goals and becoming part of the Aviation Industry.

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Many of the demands placed on a pilot’s brain are similar to those of an ATC Specialist’s, at least from a neurological standpoint. OA Training can help you hold more information in your mind at once to solve the problems you face while in the tower, and to help you from becoming overwhelmed by situations that arise in your day-to-day work. The job of ATCS is both stressful and rewarding. See how OA Training can help reduce your neurological workload by strengthening the parts of your brain most important to your job.

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