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While the exciting field of Aerospace Neuroscience is relatively young, an explosion of information in the physical sciences, human factors research, and neuroscience has occurred over the past twenty years. As much as any time before, we have the chance to explore and further discover the mysteries behind Outer Space and the Human Mind.

Optimal Aviation endeavors to be a reliable part of this new field by developing practical, effective programs that strive to efficiently strengthen the neurological hardware of the human person. As we place more demands on our pilots, as we go deeper into space, optimizing the brain power of those piloting aircraft becomes of greater importance than perhaps ever before.

We would also like to take a moment to thank all of the people and organizations that came before us in helping make this happen, whether it is barnstormers, military aviators, astronauts, mechanical engineers, electricians, psychologists, physicians, cognitive neuroscience researchers, cognitive training developers, and many others. Those in the aviation industry are standing on the shoulders of countless people who love the possibilities involved in flight, and who have found a part of themselves in the exploration of the skies above.

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OA Training has the potential to increase safety at all levels. Our expertise in Aviation, Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Behavioral Medicine can lead to safer skies through better flying by pilots who are simply more neurologically fit. And as you may have heard, the brain is the most important muscle for a pilot.

Safety starts with a wide-range of checks and balances, regulations, and managers, to name a few. It requires tremendous effort and resources. Safety ends, however, with each and every pilot.

Our brain fitness program is tailored-made to aviators so that their efforts lead to real results that could translate into improved flight performance and safety. Contact Optimal Aviation to learn more today.

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Aviation brings so much and so many together. In our commitment to young people and students, who make up the next generation of aviators, we desire to establish Aviation STEM curricula in our schools that also incorporate Human Factors and Medicine. The interest that flying still brings to young people is significant. Let’s use this interest to help them explore Physics, Engineering, Information Technology, Computer sciences, Biology, Psychology, Medicine, and much more.

In addition to implementing aviation curricula, we hope to one day raise the funds to build a fully functional aircraft in our community, with High School students. Now that’s Hands-On learning.

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